How to Solve the Problem of Forgetting Windows 7 Password

So many people meet the problem of forgetting their Windows 7 passwords, and they always ask me how to solve such a problem. The best way to solve the problem is trying to remember the password of course. Or write down and keep the password when you set up. But if I didn’t take any notes when setting up the password and I cannot remember the password anymore, what can I do now?

Now you need a third-party program which can help you reset Windows 7 password.

Here I recommend you a very easy-to-use Windows 7 password reset tool – iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Reset. Now I am showing you some pictures of the tutorial of this tool. Next time, if you have forgotten Windows 7 password again, you can just read this journal and reset Windows 7 password by yourself.

First, you need to download the tool on iSumsoft official page; of course, you need to download it with another computer which you can log in Windows. Then you need a USB drive or CD/DVD. Then you can start the program and insert the USB or CD/DVD into the computer and click the Burn button to burn the ISO into the drive. And this will be your password reset disk.


Second, now you can insert this disk into the target computer and set the Windows 7 boot from USB or CD/DVD. And then you can see the program window that all the user accounts of Windows 7 listed. Now you can choose one of them and reset the password as your own password.

select an user account

Last, you can reboot your computer and log into Windows 7 with your new password.

Windows 7 password recovery

That is very easy to reset Windows 7 password with such a simple tool. And if you have this tool, you will never ask me how to solve the problem of forgetting Windows 7 password. Resetting Windows 7 password is an easy thing with this tool.

Now let’s get more information of iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Reset.


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